Morning Thief Chapter 19 Pt 3 Dead Girls

Sometimes it is important to remind employees that it is better to deal with me the manager than dealing with our boss, I am the nice one, even when I have to be mean.

Petey’s final known location –

One comment on “Morning Thief Chapter 19 Pt 3 Dead Girls

  1. Deborah Arthur says:

    Well! Looks like Petey the prick won’t be bothering…Looks like if this is the end that in theses stories the end is never good just sometimes not as brutal. It just stopped…Or is there more. If this is the end and it could be…I loved it and if isn’t the end I want to know what happens…will it be Lil Man or Carl…Or…Beautiful Singing woman thank you! I love your voice and I hope your I’ve got a story, my stories sad is just a song and not an experience. Love to you. Deb.

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