Morning Thief Chapter 19 Pt 2 Dead Girls

Though Morning Thief is a fictional story. It does contains acts of violence toward domestic partners, in no way do we at Morning Thief DO NOT advocate violence. If you know of or are in a relationship that has physical violence visited upon any person please follow this link If you are unable to use the link CALL this number for help 1-800-799- SAFE (7233) MAKE A PLAN AND ACT UPON IT

Listening to Belinda helped me know that I did not want to be Petey!

It is hard to be good when your resume’ starts with Pimp – Lil’ Man

Remember your visit to Firemen’s Castle

2 comments on “Morning Thief Chapter 19 Pt 2 Dead Girls

  1. Deborah Arthur says:

    Wow. I am on part 2 chap 19. Just finished. Sad. Things are getting it seems a bit out of control even for lil Man. This girl…so sad…Although as disgusting as her story is so far is more true then so many realize. 14 years of that and more as a child. Now this is getting very sad and I am preparing for what she says next. So good this story. I love it and it makes me ill all at once. I love the truth of it although the truth is so bad here at least its truth. Onto the last part of Chapter 19. Deb

  2. Deborah Arthur says:

    This was very sad and I am sure very true…things are raveling sp. Her story is horrible. How do they stand this. i guess with no choice what else could you do…Foster care doesn’t save you always from this or youth holding centers. Young girls and boys from poverty maybe generations of it suffer so…choices limited. This one hurt.They all do these chapters these peoples lives..all the same story…neglect, abuse, poverty with no way out, literally unless you want to die…I would love to be a Billionaire to really help. Welll this is a comment section not my moment to suggest. Its great man. I love it. Now lets see what she is going to say…Deb

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