One comment on “Morning Thief Chapter 14 The New Kid, The Uninvited Guest & Ronnetta

  1. Deborah Arthur says:

    4 Stars. I went ahead with 14. Big league for lil man and wow is that a corrupt place or what!! As usual I chuckle from time to time at some of these clever responses etc. I love this. So Homeless dude freed or not guilty.
    He worked his way out of the pay offs and shoot out real well.Big Charlie sure excited ha. And Carl hum…we’ll see about that. And the new cute cop too..I thought at each meeting ah oh!! ha Glass Hassin not dead a miracle. But that last line I just started laughing.
    ” He ain’t Andy Taylor and this Ain’t no Mayberry” I am laughing right now.. Oh man Creeping into his home life. Sad. Loved the music…took me by surprise. Great song. I like gospel which is what I would call that but not sure. It was great. Another winner. Can’t wait for the next. Thanks so much. Deb

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