Morning Thief Chapter 13 The Defense Fund

“I got a plan.” That is all you need to know Lil’ Man has a plan

One comment on “Morning Thief Chapter 13 The Defense Fund

  1. Deborah Arthur says:

    Wow. So good. From start to finish. He’s so in now but his power is growing and growing as is his fear, yet he is so sharp…Lil Man caught em in the act. Loved it.. I hate officer Friendly. Friendly my ass! Mama is cruisin thats good no more standin. So he caught on real well and efficiently layed them down.. So now onto Chapter 14. I hadn’t done 13 Glad you saw it haha. SO cool. I have said it each time I think but that song this whole things is a song…Its really good Patrick. Deb

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