Morning Thief Chapter 11 A Little Doris Story

Doris has been a resident of the apartment building for years. She is an independent sex worker. She has always set her own schedule and taken care of her own business good or bad. Overall she is a class act in a classless business. Listen and enjoy A Little Doris Story

2 comments on “Morning Thief Chapter 11 A Little Doris Story

  1. Deborah Arthur says:

    I loved this. I sure would like to meet a Mama Teel. AND Doris WOW. this was very entertaining. And your voice really is awesome and it engages me. I can’t wait to see what happens next. That for me is what makes a good book. Thank you. I couldn’t get 10 or 11 just so ya know. Its ok. You can tell me 10 and 11 in the flower garden! Deb

  2. Deborah Arthur says:

    DID it caught up with them as they were there after all! Duh! So glad I did too. Now on to # 12.

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