Morning Thief Chapter 10


This is strictly a test post ~ for an internal audience

Please leave me feed back as to how ease of access was for your ability to get each chapter of Morning Thief.

Please let me know what device you are using as well as if this came with chapter art

Thank you in advance for your assistance in this Alpha test

2 comments on “Morning Thief Chapter 10

  1. Deborah Arthur says:

    This one didn’t come in. Just to let ya know I went on with 11.

    • Deborah Arthur says:

      Went back finished 10. Now to 12. 10 was Excellent.. nice fuckin set up. It touched me all of it. Dee Dee Love Respect Hate… And the song the song. The story. Blew me away. Ok onto 12 and then I am on the way. Afraid to get to #19!! I remember. THANKS ALL OF YOU. Deb

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